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The Emerging Trend of Customization

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Guest Feature by Sophie & Charlotte Bickley of Yin 2My Yang

Editor’s note: Sophie and Charlotte are two sisters who dig fashion trends! To find out how to look like them and shop their looks, check their site.

Major trend alert: customization and personalization is ALL the rage in fashion right now. Although itโ€™s recently become more popular, this trend has actually been a favorite of ours for almost a full year!! We clearly can’t get enough of itโ€ฆin fact it has been one of the major influences of the millennial buying habits in 2016 and is expected to last through 2017 and beyond. Woo-hoo! This makes us very happy ๐Ÿ™‚

Sophie and Charlotte
Bomber Jackets Customized

Want to know what is so special about this trend? Customization allows us to be in control and to be exclusively expressive. More and more fashion brands are incorporating ways to personalize or customize their products in a way to individually cater to their loyal customers, just like us! When something is personalized, or customized, it is made for YOU, and only you. It makes you feel special, feel unique, and it gives you an outlet to (literally) express yourself through your style. This is especially applicable when it comes to millennials, who are the main consumers of these customized pieces. As stated by, โ€œMillennials want to know a company is paying attention to their specific needs.โ€ ( Customization and personalization do just this, they cater to the customerโ€™s specific needs, and this is wonderful for both the customer and the company. It creates a stronger connection and a deeper relationship between the two entities.

Fashion and style already give us a way to express ourselves, but personalization and customization take it to the next level of expression. The individualized aspect of customized pieces makes us, as the customers, feel different from everyone else in the best way, allowing us to truly stand out, and be ourselves โ€“ most times, this can be very refreshing, which is why customization is so trendy and in right now. This trend extends beyond the fashion industry, even Coca-Cola cans have added an element of customization by selling cans with specific names instead of the brand name, Coke.

Denim and Jackets
Rocking Denim

We love to add our personal touch to the things we wear. We love to feel unique, different, and special. Customized pieces are able to make us feel all of these things with just one look. ย It is clear from this steadfast trend that customization is an effective tactic to enhance sales while making the consumer feel they are getting something special and unique. Customization gives you an outlet to express yourself and allows us to feel different and bold. As stated on, โ€œIn an era when brand loyalty is low and demands are high, it makes sense that customization has taken off. Shoppers can design their own Nike sneakers, Brooks Brothers suits, Burberry trench coats and Longchamp bags.โ€ Customization gives the โ€œfinicky shopperโ€ a sense of control and a freedom of expression.

Customization is such a secure trend in fashion right now that we are certain it is here to stay. ย Some many brands are jumping on board with customization and in our opinions, this will create nothing but success for these brands. Customization sets us, as consumers, apart from all of the other consumers out there because it allows us to purchase items can are specifically tailored to our interests and our individual features, even personalities. Customization allows us to be expressive while remaining loyal to our favorite brands! When we customize something, we give it our personal touch, which allows us to be inventive while tailoring items to our wants and needs, and our individual styles. Itโ€™s all about control and that is why we are absolutely certain that the customization trend in fashion is here to stay!

Check out the different ways we have customized some of the items in our wardrobes on the blog.



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